OSM Woodwind Quintet


The OSM Woodwind Quintet has been a cornerstone in Orchestra Santa Monica’s educational and community outreach since OSM was founded in 2012. The quintet’s focus is to provide live music programs to youth and local organizations, with the ability to announce programs and provide narrations in both English and Spanish. By incorporating educational talks into each performance, the quintet enhances the learning experience for younger audiences and helps introduce them to new or unfamiliar genres.

In Fall 2023, the quintet will be performing for the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club. Last year, the ensemble presented concerts in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month. The quintet has also recently presented concerts for students of the Santa Monica Youth Orchestra and Elemental Music.

OSM Woodwind Quintet at California African American Museum

Other OSM ensembles:

OSM String Quartets have performed at the Santa Monica “Y” and the Santa Monica History Museum. OSM trios, duets, and soloists have performed at the Santa Monica Main Library Auditorium, Reed Park, Sunrise Senior Residence, and  various other locations.For inquiries about the OSM Woodwind Quintet and other OSM music ensembles, please send an email to Office on the contact form.

OSM Trio at SM Main Public Library
OSM String Quartet at SM History Museum