OSM Woodwind Quintet

Pictured (left-to-right): April Cap (oboe), Emily Senchuk (flute), Emily Reppun (horn), Liz Gutierrez (bassoon), Lisa Kohorn (clarinet)

Orchestra Santa Monica believes in the future of classical music and proudly nurtures the community’s interest in live concert music. In addition to its full symphony orchestra, OSM provides smaller music ensembles (e.g., quintets, quartets, trios, duos) for a wide range of events.

The OSM Woodwind Quintet is a cornerstone in Orchestra Santa Monica’s educational and community outreach. A large portion of the quintet’s focus is to provide live music programs to schools, local churches, and neighborhood organizations. The quintet often performs in Title I schools, whose students have little access to live concert music. By incorporating educational talks into each performance, the quintet enhances the learning experience for younger audiences and helps introduce them to new or unfamiliar genres. 

For inquiries about the OSM Woodwind Quintet and other OSM music ensembles, please send an email to Office on the contact form or 310-525-7618